Ever wondered what a Shaved Ice really is?  Just grab a block of ice, slice it and put on some syrup!  The syrup never ends up getting into the ice and as you eat, the flavor gets less and less.  Step into the real Italian ices where the first taste is like the last.  The flavor stays throughout and the product tastes amazing.  And what is in some of those syrups?
Gorilla Ices are:
 – Water Based ices (no dairy or cream)
 – Made with Fresh Fruits
 – Gluten Free/ Dairy Free/Soy Free
 – No Artificial Flavoring
Check out Gorilla Ices.. the finest Italian, real ice found in Tennessee. Shipped from a secret location, the makers of these ices have been doing this for over 60 years and have the best tasting, mouth watering ices around.
So how do you get Gorilla Ices? Our truck is stocked with almost 20 different flavors of these delicious ices. No syrups or blocks of ice with flavor here! Choose from the classics such as Cherry, Lemon or Rainbow to the new flavors such as Chocolate, Vanilla Chip, Mango, Peanut Butter and even Spumoni!

Find the best Nashville Ices by Gorilla Ices - Real Italian Ices !!! Say No to Shaved Ices